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Who needs a DS-5504 form?

An eligible individual who wants to apply for a US passport should complete this form. An eligible individual is a US citizen who has changed their name and the US passport was issued less than one year ago; the information in their previous passport was incorrect; or the previous US passport was limited in validity and issued less than one year ago.

What is the purpose of the DS-5504 form?

This form provides the personal information about the applicant which is required to issue a US passport. The US passport exists in card and book format. The passport in card format is not valid for international air travel.

What documents must accompany the DS-5504 form?

The application for US passport should be accompanied by the most recent US passport; a recent color photograph (the photo requirements are listed on the second page of the form); evidence to support a name change (birth certificate or marriage certificate) or other data change. All the supporting documents (except the photos) will be returned to the applicant.

When is the DS-5504 form due?

This application is completed when there is a need. The estimated time for completing the form is 60 minutes.

What information should be provided in the DS-5504 form?

The application asks for the following details from the applicant:

  • Type of the required document (Passport book, Passport Card, Both)
  • Applicant’s name
  • Applicant’s date and place of birth
  • Applicant’s social security number
  • Mailing address
  • Passport book and/or passport card information
  • Applicant’s appearance (height, hair color, eye color)
  • Occupation
  • Employer or school
  • Emergency contact
  • Travel plans
  • Reason of applying for a new passport

The applicant should also sign and date the form.

What do I do with the application after the completion?

The completed form is forwarded to National Passport Processing Center, Philadelphia, PA.

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Instructions and Help about form ds 5504 online
hi this is Joe again from how to change your name comm and this is a question that we get all the time and we just put this on our blog which is that how to change your name comma slash blog but how to change your name on a passport now if you have not changed your name yet and gone through the whole core process of actually getting your legal name change then you're going to have to take a few steps back and actually fought fill out a name change petition or process first which you can actually find at our website at how to change your name calm and we have all the steps on how to do that there but to fast forward on how to change your name on a passport it really breaks down to you're either going to have to file one of two applications that are out there the first one is called the ds5 504 and this is actually free right on our website and what this is is if you have gotten a passport within the last 12 months within the last year you can actually fill out this form which looks like this and it's very easy I think it's only three or four pages and you know the third and the fourth page is just a bunch of you know law jargon and very easy to fill out no different than any other applicant probably the first application you had when you filled out your passport for your passport and the best part about this is that there is no fee if you just want to have it get it back in standard mail which will take at the most 30 days and the only thing that you're going to need to do is right here in these bulleted items after you fill it out you just attach a recent photo of you which you can get at I think pretty much every United States Postal Service branch or you can go to a pharmacy a lot of pharmacies do it like CVS Walgreens Rite Aid you're going to need a certified copy of your court order name change or marriage certificate they're going to need that to just verify that your name has been changed and that you're not a fugitive on the run you're going to have to also turn in your current passport with it and if you're leaving on a trip trip somewhere soon which I hope you are you can choose to expedite this service by just including a check for 60 made out of the Department of State and it's that easy if you ever gotten a passport within the last 12 months and if you haven't gotten in the last 12 months you can just scroll down and see these instructions you have to fill out a passport application ds-82 which looks like this nice blue background instead of the red and I think they ask you the exact same questions it's just a different color just so that probably the people at their manufacturing plant who process all these things in Pennsylvania they know which is which pretty easily and what you'll do is give them same exact stuff now again this application is for if you have not gotten the passport in the last 12 months you'll need to send them a recent photo certified copy still...